A year of blogging

A year of blogging

My dear readers, it has been a year since I have been blogging here!

Last year I started this blog while I was an undergraduate student. I used to play around with some Java code snippets in my free time and blog my recipes here. Those ‘home-grown’ recipes are results of many trial and error experiments so that they turns out to be amazing.

After finishing my degree I had to seek for a job. After getting a job, my ‘Quality Time’ was limited. Quality time is the time I used to hack open source projects, analyse their architecture and try to build new things from existing interesting projects.

Although I lost my time for blogging, I tried to do at least one post per month.

So far my blog received 6929 views onsite( According to WordPress stats) and I’m satisfied with what I’ve shared with community and I’ve got back in return.

In the next year, I’m planning to increase the ‘post density’ of my blog. That simply means number of posts per month. my target is 10 posts per month. I know that this is very ambitious goal but I am ready to take the challenge!

Finally I must say thank you for all the people who visited this blog, read it and commented on it.

and don’t forget, stay tuned for more home grown tech tips and hacks! 😀

Dunith Dhanushka (dunithd)