iPad mini iOS 7.0.2 update introduces cellular data connection issue

Recently I updated the OS version of my iPad mini to iOS 7. But after update, I tried to connect to internet using my celluar data connection. But I could’nt. I tried after changing the APN settings. But it failed that time as well and kept displaying “No Service” at the celluar data status bar on the home screen.

Later I googled a bit about this and found out that I was not the only one who faced this issue. I manage to fix the problem by resetting celluar data settings to defaults.

Here is the flow of actions I followed.
1. Go to Settings -> Cellular Data and press ‘Reset Settings’
2. Turn off your device.
3. Turn it on and try to connect celluar data again.

This time, you must be able to connect!

By the way, I’ve been updated to iOS 7.0.2.

Some usefull links:


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